Chronic Migraines


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Chronic migraines can be debilitating. Founder of Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness, Lindsey Garrett, RN, MBA, CCRN, and her team member Benjamin Illum, MD, understand the complexities of intense headaches. If you suffer from chronic migraines, you can rely on their expertise and experience to provide solutions to give you the relief you need and deserve. Call the office in San Diego, California, today to book an appointment, or use the online scheduler as a convenient option.

What are chronic migraines?

Chronic migraines are moderate to severe headaches accompanied by a range of symptoms. They’re defined as experiencing headaches on 15 or more days per month for at least three months, with at least eight of those days being migraines. 

These migraines can significantly impact your daily life by causing disruptions in your work and social activities.

What are the symptoms of chronic migraines?

Symptoms of chronic migraines often extend beyond headaches and can include:

  • Intense throbbing or pulsating pain, typically on one side of your head
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, or smells
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Visual disturbances like flashing lights
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Tingling or numbness in your face or extremities

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, make an appointment at Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness for and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

What could be causing my chronic migraines?

The causes of chronic migraines aren’t fully understood, but genetic factors, environmental triggers, hormonal fluctuations, and neurological imbalances all play a role. 

Triggers can vary widely among individuals, including stress, lack of sleep, certain foods, hormonal changes in women, and weather changes.

How are chronic migraines treated?

At Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness, intravenous (IV) ketamine infusions, IV vitamin drips, and intramuscular injections are among the treatments used for chronic migraines.

IV ketamine infusions, known for their anesthetic properties, are administered at Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness under medical supervision. It works by tempering pain signals in the brain, which offers relief.

The Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness team can determine the most appropriate and effective treatment for you, as they tailor treatments to your specific condition and needs. 

If you suffer from chronic migraines, book an appointment at Dreamscape Ketamine and Wellness today. Call or use the online scheduling tool now.

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