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Ketamine treatment sessions are either one- or two-hours long, including the time of infusion and recovery. The studies which assessed ketamine’s effectiveness at treating mood conditions generally employed a one-hour treatment session. The studies which assessed ketamine’s effectiveness for pain conditions generally employed a two-hour treatment session. However, this seems to be an arbitrary distinction.

In clinical practice, we find that many patients with pain conditions benefit from a one- hour treatment. In fact, our experience suggests that pain patients experience greater benefit from more frequent one-hour treatments than they do from less frequent two-hour treatments. Therefore, we typically recommend that patients with both mood and pain conditions begin ketamine therapy with one-hour treatment sessions. In rare situations where this is not effective, we can extend the treatment to a two-hour session.

Patients who have never undergone ketamine therapy start with six one-hour IV infusions over three weeks. After completing this initiation phase, most patients are eligible for lower cost intramuscular or sublingual (under the tongue) absorption delivery routes if interested. Patients who have received ketamine treatments at another center can generally begin treatment using the same dose, route, and duration. These details will be discussed during your free consultation with our physician.

Payments We Accept

Most patients pay for their ketamine treatments with a credit card or check. We also accept payment through Care Credit, Advanced Care Card, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Medical Savings Accounts (MSA). We provide Care Credit and Advanced Care Card applications in the office. Some patients may be eligible for an in-office payment plan for the induction series. Please call our office to discuss which option might be best for you. We are committed to transparency in our pricing, ensuring that our rates are always prominently displayed on our website.
There are never any hidden fees. We strive to offer the most competitive prices possible and frequently provide various discounts to enhance affordability for our customers.


Due to the cost of obtaining re-imbursement for treatment from insurance providers, we do not currently accept insurance as a form of payment. We pass these savings on to our patients in the form of more affordable treatments. Many insurance companies are willing to re-imburse some of your costs directly to you. We are happy to provide you with documentation of your condition, treatment, and payment, known as a Super Bill, which you can submit to your insurance provider to render your reimbursement.

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