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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who have moderate to severe mood or pain symptoms which have not responded to conventional therapies are good candidates for ketamine therapy. You are not eligible for ketamine therapy if you are pregnant or have uncontrolled hypertension or unstable cardiac disease. Before beginning treatment, you will have a medical evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate and if ketamine therapy will be safe for you.

If you’re a good candidate, we will schedule you for your first treatment. Generally, we advise that you receive six infusions over a two to three-week period. This has been shown to result in the effective reduction of symptoms. After completing this initial series of infusions, patients can return for the treatments needed. Generally, patients receive maintenance treatment anywhere from two weeks to two months apart. The frequency of treatments should be guided by the severity of your symptoms. We provide periodic symptom surveys to help you self-monitor and determine when your next treatment should be.

When you arrive at your appointment we begin by starting an IV and taking your vital signs. You will be seated on one of our relaxing recliners and provided while you listen to calming music to prepare for the infusion. The infusion lasts 40 minutes for the treatment of mood symptoms and 80 minutes for the treatment of pain. After the infusion is over, we continue to monitor you for 30-60 minutes until you are completely recovered. Once you are awake enough to drink water and have a snack, you can go home with a family member, friend, or rideshare service. You will need to arrange transportation to your home because it is not safe for you to drive. Most people rest at home until the following day when it is safe to resume driving, working, and other normal activities.

We do not accept insurance. Some insurance companies are beginning to reimburse some or all the costs of ketamine therapy. We can provide a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for this purpose. We also take Care Credit, and Advanced Care Card, and even do in-house payment plans.

Ketamine has not been shown to result in physical dependence at the doses used for ketamine therapy. In fact, ketamine has been shown to be effective in curbing addictive tendencies and reducing physical dependence on opioids and other substances.

At Dreamscape we recommend intravenous administration of ketamine as this is the most reliable and effective way of delivering ketamine to the brain. We also offer intramuscular injections of ketamine to patients who are uncomfortable with having an IV placed or do not have many veins. When this route of administration is selected, we give a single injection of ketamine into the muscle where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and subsequently delivered to the brain and spinal cord.